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Are you a military spouse? You're in the right place!

And you're also my hero.


As a milspouse of nearly 30 years, I'm also now the mom of an active duty son. We've been through what most military families go through: literally years of separation due to deployments and TDYs, frequent relocations, separation from extended family, hoping we're doing right in raising our military kids...all of it.  

We've been stationed all over the world, including several overseas assignments, and I know what it is to start over and over and OVER again. 

Our kids are all grown now, with two married (I love being a mom-in-law!) and we're also brand new grandparents of the cutest baby ever!

Going to an Air Force ball in Hawaii, with a tan I dearly miss!

Going to an Air Force ball in Hawaii, with a tan I dearly miss!

Our kids plus our beautiful daughters-in-law

Our kids plus our beautiful daughters-in-law

When I married my husband all those years ago, I can truly say I had no idea what I was getting into. BUT, it's been quite a ride!

I can look back now and recognize one thing I wish I'd known as a young military spouse...that I wasn't alone. That the experiences we faced were common to other military families and and I WASN'T CRAZY! It took me some time to realize that. 

I hope I can be that person for you--the one to let you know you're not alone and to whisper, "You've got this!" during the hard times. I'm here to tell you that you can not only survive military spouse life, but thrive and create your own wonderful life. 

On the Big Island of Hawaii with my sweetie

On the Big Island of Hawaii with my sweetie

As a longtime writer for the military spouse world and through publishing my book, (I've been privileged to write regularly for Military Spouse and other publications), I've shared much of my journey towards whole-heartedly embracing this life. I'm also the Content Editor for MilitaryByOwner Advertising, an amazing resource for military families. 

I love the community of military spouses--it's like no other! I have lots of new projects coming up, so be on the lookout for free devotionals, downloads, and even a podcast! I hope you'll subscribe to stay updated on what's new around here. 

Please visit my blog and leave a comment or simply say hello! I love hearing from you. 

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