When the PCS Dust Settles: How Do You Start Over Again?

If you've been through a military move, or PCS (Permanent Change of Station), you've been there. If you've recently moved, you're right in the middle of it. 

The flurry, stress, and excitement of sorting and getting ready for the move, the goodbyes, packing up your entire house, traveling to a new duty station,  and helping kids cope through the changes is now mostly behind you.

This is usually the point that is the hardest for me after a move--that point when everything settles down. I don't belong anywhere, don't really know anyone yet beyond a casual hello to a neighbor as I walk to my car, just don't quite fit yet. 

FREE Resources for Your PCS

When you've been around the military life for a while, you have a tendency to go into autopilot mode when faced with PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders. Well, at least I do! It can all seem so natural that I take for granted that other military families know all about the great, free resources out there, too. Here's a quick list of a few of my favorites!

Thoughts from a "Waiting Warrior"

"They also serve who only stand and wait". ~John Milton

At this point, we've been through several deployments, but this one has been the longest for us (a year). I've noticed that some people seem to not know what to do/what is appropriate but truly do want to help in whatever way they can, so I thought I'd list out a few thoughts if you have a friend or family member whose spouse is deployed. 

15 Bible Verses for Military Spouses Facing Deployment or Separation

I've had it on my heart for some months to share a few of the verses that have gotten me through years of separations and deployments, so I'd like to share those with you. God's Word has seen me through long nights, busy days, wondering how to help my kids cope with yet another separation from their dad, and the feeling that I didn't have the strength to do this another day. I have read these, said them aloud, and meditated on them through dark, wakeful nights and lonely moments. Why?

Because the Bible is powerful, and I need to be reminded regularly of the truth.