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Jen McDonald

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Meet Jen

I'm so glad you're here... My hope is to encourage you to find the "light" in the matter the circumstances!

I'm a long-time military spouse (hubby now retired), mom of four young adults, grandmommy to one, veteran homeschool mom, writer, editor, and podcast host. Like you, I wear a lot of hats! One lesson I've learned through the years, including 20+ years of homeschooling our four children and nearly 30 years of military life, is how important it is to know that, no matter how much you plan, life doesn't always go the way you think it will. Find out more about me here.

My Book

When you marry a military member, your life is suddenly no longer your own. You not only marry the one you love, but also a whole new way of life—one filled with separations, moves, deployments, and other unique challenges. In You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse, I hope you’ll feel the whisper of "You've got this!" as you make your own way. Let’s celebrate the great moments and commiserate when it's not so easy. I’ll also point you to some hard-won wisdom and helpful resources. Most of all, I want to remind you that you're not alone on this military spouse journey.

"One of the best new books for military spouses."

—Operation We Are Here


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