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Ask Jen: Military Spouse Q&A!

Hello, and welcome to my brand new Q&A for military spouses, Ask Jen. Here, I'll answer questions--either those that have been posed to me repeatedly over the years or questions from readers.

But, why would you care what I have to say? Well, you may not. And that's ok! But sometimes, you want to hear from someone who's already been down the road you're traveling. I'm hoping that my experiences and hard-won knowledge can be of some use in your military spouse life.

A little bit about my milspouse life:  

I started my military spouse journey nearly three decades ago as an Airman’s wife, unsure and overwhelmed at this unfamiliar world. As the years went on, I served as a Key Spouse, Key Spouse Mentor, and volunteered for spouses’ club boards, deployed family events, and other activities. By the time my husband retired from his 31 years of active duty, we’d visited numerous bases and met with military families to hear their concerns, and I’d served as a volunteer and mentor spouse on the Air Force squadron, group, wing, NAF, and MAJCOM level and briefed at numerous spouse events. We also acted as a mentor couple for Air Force level Chief and Command Chief orientations.

Aside from all that, over the years we raised four amazing children and handled multiple deployments, innumerable TDYs, and over a dozen PCS military moves, including several overseas tours. I’ve juggled the challenges that go along with military life, including complete career changes, and spent years as a stay-at-home mom.

So while I don’t pretend to know everything about military spouse life, I have learned a thing or two from experience, and I’d love to share with you. We're in this together!  If I don’t know an answer, I’ll direct you to someone who does or to another resource. I adore my fellow military spouses, so think of this as a chat over coffee!

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