Welcome! I'm Jen, a military spouse and mama of a military member. As a milspouse (retired) of nearly 3 decades, I love encouraging other military spouses to thrive through the challenges of military life, not simply survive. I'll share with you some resources, experiences, and what worked for our military family, along with what didn't! I'm also a veteran homeschooler, writer, and foodie with a newfound love of running. Let's talk! 


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Wondering how you'll make it through all that military life throws at you? Weary of deployments and moves or just need a little "You've got this!" from someone who's been there?

I wrote You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse just for you. 


For Military Families

For Military Spouses

Military families are a special breed and my heroes! The good, the bad, the funny...from PCS to deployment to raising military kids, it's here! 

Homeschooling Help


We homeschooled our 4 kids from preschool until graduation. They've all gone to college and successful careers, plus we still like them. Here are a few thoughts!

Running Thoughts

Running Help

Running grandmas unite! I started running a few years ago at the age of 45, and have now completed a 10k and half marathon. Resources and tips. 


"Jen truly has a heart for the military spouse, and it shines through in her reflections in her book. As a military brat and later a military wife, I can relate to the feelings of bewilderment and remoteness military life brings. This book is like sitting down with an experienced and caring friend."