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I'm Jen McDonald, and I'm so glad you're here. 

Hi there! Whatever brought you here, my goal is to provide you some encouragement, hope, and even laughs for your military family journey, because I've been there, too! 

I'm a longtime military spouse (my husband just retired after 31 years of active duty service), the mom of four grown kids--including one son also serving in the military--a mom-in-law to two, and my grandbaby's "Gigi."

My passion is military families and their stories. As a regular contributor to publications such as Military Spouse Magazine, I bring to light the real stories of real military families--the less than 1% who serve our nation. 

I wrote the book, You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse, to help address some of the unique challenges military spouses face--whether it's a deployment, move, or raising military kids. You Are Not Alone has been an Amazon bestseller in several categories, including Military Families, Devotional, and Christian Living.

Current projects include writing a book highlighting the stories of some of the residents of the Bob Hope Village in Shalimar, Florida, which provides a safe residence for surviving spouses of retired enlisted Airmen. I'm excited to share their stories of tenacity, love, and hope with you! AND I'm busily working on a podcast for military spouses that's coming out SOON. Stay tuned! You can find out more about me here. 

Be sure to download the FREE 5-day Deployment Devotional I've put together just for you. 


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