Tips for Homeschooling Boys (from Experienced Moms!)

If you’re the parent of boys, I don’t have to tell you that raising boys can be a completely different prospect than raising girls! When they’re little, boys tend to be more aggressive, active, and just plain LOUD. I still remember when our two oldest children—who also happen to be boys—were 5 and 7 (they survived, and are now grown men with wives). My parents were visiting, and my mom said, with a note of dismay in her voice, “I just don’t remember you kids being this noisy.”

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New Podcast for Military Spouses!

Military families make up less than 1% of the U.S. population, and the challenges they face are unique. Whether you're looking for military family support or simply want to learn more, join Jen as we discuss it all: getting through the separations that go along with training and deployments, moving around the world, seeing the one you love leave for war, raising kids in the military, finding your own place as a military spouse, and strengthening your military marriage.

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Reinventing Midlife

I feel like I'm a pretty responsible adult. But I also feel at times as though I'm still making this whole thing up as I go along, and never moreso than when I see all the advice for the middle aged or for someone going through a midlife crisis. It's like an illness we all need to get over. Maybe I should be more rattled about all this midlife stuff? Should I be indulging in some sort of major crisis of self-confidence and identity?

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So You Want to Fight? Ideas for Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

It was a beautiful fall day in Bavaria, Germany. Our family of six was hiking along the breathtaking Partnach Gorge near Garmisch-Partenkirchen with its sheer cliffs, icy blue water, and gorgeous waterfalls.

An idyllic setting. And my kids were Driving. Me. Bonkers.

Two children, in particular were being a challenge (names withheld to protect the obnoxious), and we’d gotten after them repeatedly.

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What Surprised Me Most About Life After the Military

In the time leading up to my husband’s retirement from the Air Force last year (he’d been in a total of 31 years, and I’d been along for the ride for 29), I did my best to prepare like I do for any major life event. I rotated between devouring the bajillion pamphlets the military dispenses on cheerful topics like why you should sign up for the survivor benefits plan and the eleventy seven steps you need to complete to maybe possibly receive VA benefits, Googled helpful phrases like “what the frick do I do now after being a military spouse for three decades??”, and munched chocolate while staring out the window of ancient base housing and trying to imagine what life would be like after years of living in base housing like this.

Pretty sure that last one was easily as helpful as any other ‘preparation’ I could manage.

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Change Is Coming

Life is a lot different than it was even just a year ago! We're again navigating the unknowns of life after having it defined by the military for so long.

While this site will continue to provide support and encouragement for military spouses, it's time to stretch and grow a little bit...again.

I want to share about what else is important in my life, other things I'm battling through, like reinventing yourself as your children grow up and leave, whether it 'fits' the niche I've carved out in the interwebs space or not. I suspect this change won't be noticeable to folks who arrive here via a popular Pinterest pin (Hiya! Thanks for stopping by) or maybe anyone but me, perhaps. 

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Resources for New Milspouse Moms

The first few weeks and months of getting to know each other as mommy and baby can be tricky. You’re not sleeping well, you're figuring out a new rhythm with your new little one, and probably a bit unsure about how to handle life as a new parent. And if you’re breastfeeding, you may feel tied to home and not as if you can venture very far--never mind finding a sitter you can trust! Thankfully, these days there are loads of free resources for new military parents to help ease this transition. 

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