Ode to the library

What is that old Barney song? "You can have an adventure in a faraway land.....blahblahblah tuba in a marching band somethingsomething deep blue sea..... if you learn to borrow books at the library!"

I believe I've done an entry on the library before. We were all kind of 'eh' this morning, so off to the library we went. I'm always rejuvenated by books, the sight of stacks and shelves of books....ahhhhh....When my older two were littles and it seemed like I was always nursing, pregnant, or needing a nap, a big part of our schooling time was this: The 3 R's, and then we'd pick a book or two from the nonfiction or literature section of the children's section of the library to go through each week or two.  We'd leave with books on subjects as varied as insects, fairytales, the Pony Express, Christopher Columbus. An old classic movie thrown in. Sound disorganized? We would do an organized unit study once in awhile, but it seems the bulk of our learning came through reading together or alone. I recall we did a lot of Lego and playdoh playing as well.  


I love the simplicity that can be found in homeschooling. And sometimes I need the reminder that my youngest one deserves that relaxed, unhurried time just as much as my oldest did when he was that age.


Here's a wonderful quote and thought of the day for you that I got from this lovely blog:

If you wanted to gather up all tender memories, all lights and shadows of the heart, all banquetings and reunions, all filial, fraternal, paternal, conjugal affections, and had only four letters with which to spell out the height and depth and length, and breadth and magnitude and eternity of meaning, you would write it all out with these four capital letters: H-O-M-E.

Thomas DeWitt Talmage