The perfect curriculum

Blast from the past--I just stumbled across a homeschooling resource I'd forgotten about, Design-A-Study. I have her pamphlet from back when I started in the mid-90s. Kathryn Stout has always had a very sensible, well-rounded approach to homeschooling. She not only graduated all of her own children, but has been an advisor for many other families. Even if you don't purchase one of her guides (which are very handy, btw), do check out the teaching help columns. Here's a sample, the "Quest for the Perfect Curriculum"

The hunt for that perfect curriculum is once again in progress. Surely there is one company with a package that will do it all. The student will be content and Mom will have minimal work. Right? Even though last year’s purchase didn’t turn out to be “the one,” hope remains and the search continues. Well…if this is your quest, let me save you time and disappointment—every curriculum, even those complete grade-level packages, will need adjustments to suit your child. The perfect curriculum is the one you put together with your child in mind.

No, you don’t have to write a curriculum. You just have to judge resources for each subject based on your child’s age, personality, learning style, strengths and weaknesses.

It follows with tips on how to do just I'm cleaning out my bookroom, hopefully I'll be reminded of more gems like these!