time well spent

My times are in Your hands....Psalms 31:15

So at last count, our household goods were packed 5 months ago and we've been living out of our suitcases since then. We're been in a hotel/ "temporary lodging" (the military's word for a small, furnished 2 bedroom apartment)  for nearly 3 months as we wait for our housing to open up. My husband is traveling a lot with his new job and I miss him, which is how it's just gonna be here. Our oldest is at college and we feel his absence from our family life every day, my doggie is at my parents, I still feel displaced, and yet....life is good.

I think back to my younger days, and remember how much time I wasted thinking things like

 "Once ______ happens, then I will be happy!"

Only for ______ to happen, and I would then be looking forward to the next thing, whatever that was---marriage, kids, a new job. That 'grass is always greener' syndrome, which is really only discontentment.

We've been through some hard times, a lot of them in recent years. I've seen friends and loved ones go through what can only be described as hell. My heart has been broken into pieces as we had a beloved friend suddenly pass away, I've begged God for comfort and have spent many wakeful, watchful nights. But somehow, time moves forward and life goes on.

Yet, rather than making me bitter and looking forward to the time when things will get better, it has caused me to stop more often and enjoy whatever moment I'm in. I wish I could've learned this lesson at a younger age, but I suspect it's only by going through a bit of life that you begin to appreciate its preciousness. Not that I do this perfectly, and not that I don't have days that get the best of me. But my hope is to try to wring out every drop of life possible.

Because I'm not promised one more moment than here and now. This ol' gal has seen enough to know some things.

Life is short, and much more fleeting than we'd like to think. Everything can change in a moment.

People are more important than things.


I can sleep when I'm dead... there is simply too much I want to see, do, and experience right now.

I have learned to be content, whatever the circumstances. Philippians 4:11