My sheep know my voice...

My husband has a very distinct whistle. Through our nineteen years as parents, our children have come to know it well. In a crowded mall, at a sports event, or anywhere he needs to get their attention, he simply has to throw out that whistle, and their heads lift as they look around for him. No matter how much noise is going on around them, the sound of that whistle cuts through it all, as far as they're concerned (this is especially handy if they’re on a baseball field or volleyball court, and my sports-minded husband is trying to give them a signal!).

Last week, he was on leave from work, so we did several hikes around the local area. At one point, two of the children got a little farther ahead on the muddy trail and I wondered out loud where they’d gotten themselves to. Their dad whistled a couple of times, and in a matter of moments, heads popped back from around the turn before us,and the kids waved and updated us on what was coming ahead.

As we continued tromping along,it set me to pondering this verse,

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."

(John 10:27)

And it made me wonder if I know the sound of God’s voice as well as my children know their Dad’s. Do I take enough time to get to know MY Father so that his voice, his ‘whistle', is unmistakable to me? Do I desire His leading, yet refuse to take the time to get to know His voice well enough so that it can cut through the clamor of the rest of my life? I want to know Him so well that when the rush and noise of life’s trials are swirling around me, the voice of my Father is the sound I hear above the rest.