decorating military housing

One thing about living in military housing is that it can be a challenge to make the space your *own*. There are definite limits on what you're allowed to do, and of course each house is so different, it's nearly impossible to attempt the same thing twice. But working within those parameters, you really can make even base housing a home.

We have lived in housing as old as WW2 (with, I think, the original appliances, haha) to brand new housing in which we were the first tenants. So I have quite the collection of curtains, drapes, shower curtains, etc. because I just never know what I can use again. In fact, my husband asked me as we were moving into this house, do I really need more? Looking at my 110" curtains that only fit in Germany (ceiling mounted curtain tracks) to the mish-mash of curtains I've used for tiny windows, large windows, and strange-sized windows, my answer was...YES.  :)

Having lived in a different house every year now since 2005, and I think at last count a total of at least 16 houses in our 23 years of marriage, it can seem like a wasted effort trying to get things "just so", or decorating again. BUT, I remind myself that this is my family's home, regardless of how short a time it will be, and I just can't let myself not try to make it homey. This time, the girls begged us to let them paint their rooms. Now, when we leave, we have to put it exactly back to how it was when we got here (read: boring eggshell white), so this dark purple may not have been the the best idea. Ask me next year.

(more mobile phone photos. I need a new SD card!!)

And you can see that Dad directed the entire operation. Doesn't he look thrilled to be spending the day awash in purple and aqua?

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