A Year of 'Being': The Year I Watched the Gilmore Girls

While talking with a young friend recently, she lamented how little she’d accomplished during the year her husband was deployed.

“I just feel like I didn’t meet any of the goals I set for myself while he was gone,” she said as we sipped our skinny mocha whatevs at Starbucks.

“I didn’t run that marathon. I didn’t finish losing the weight I wanted—"

“Wait a second,” I stopped her.

“You took several college classes. You homeschooled your girls!” I gestured at those sweet girls, dressed in matching outfits with neatly groomed hair, happily slurping hot chocolate.

“You didn’t just keep your girls alive—you thrived! Look how happy they are!”

I am not one to pretend things are great when they are not, so she knew I wasn’t blowing smoke. And this conversation reminded me of that one year.

The Year I Watched the Gilmore Girls.

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