Spouses' Clubs: What Are They Good For?

“It’s too political.

“Those women are catty.”

“They’re so cliquish.”

“They all wear their spouses’ rank.”

You’ve heard it—I’ve heard it.  Spouses’ groups…why would anyone ever want to join?

Many of us have the view that spouses’ groups are relics of the past and all about gossip and garden parties—things we simply don’t have time for in our busy, modern-day lives. The thought of women sipping tea in long white gloves, discussing ranks (yawn), or what the Joneses are doing just doesn’t appeal. Thankfully, if that was ever an accurate picture of spouses’ club (and I highly doubt it), that is NOT what spouses’ groups are about now!

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t participate in spouses’ clubs until many years into my husband’s career because of these misperceptions, and only then because of an invitation from another spouse. I’m not sure I would have ever ventured forth on my own. I certainly never thought I would be writing an article listing all the benefits of a spouses’ group, but here I am!

So what changed my mind? Why spouses’ groups? Why bother at all?

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 photo credit: Maggie Mason (Mighty Girl) via photopincc