Military Spouse Must-Reads #7!

It's been awhile since I did a military spouse 'must reads' post, but there's lots to share this week!

Have you ever seen milspouses post negatively on social media about their spouse's superiors, the location they're stationed at, or general disgruntlement with the military in general? While everyone's entitled to their opinion, and of course I agree with trying to improve a situation, I doubt if their spouse worked for a private corporation they'd publicly trash the CEO on Facebook and not expect repercussions.

Canadian milspouse Kim brilliantly addresses this topic "Can my husband get in trouble for what I post online?" in This is the Internet! 

Need a fun story after the week of snowstorms? Check out how this disabled veteran helped his neighbors deal with snow in Veteran Plows Community's Sidewalks with Modified Wheelchairover at Military Spouse Magazine.

"Don't you know who my husband is?" "They said my spouse wouldn't deploy!!" What else you add to this list of 11 Things Seasoned Military Spouses Never Say over at MilitaryByOwner's blog?

As a fellow military mom, I completely relate to the conflicted feelings that go along with that role in this post by Be Safe, Love Mom: Some Days It Just Hurts to Be a Military Mom.

Are you facing the end of your family's time in the military and not sure where you'll end up? Check out these great locations sorted out by many factors such as proximity to a military installation, access to healthcare, and even taxes in The Low-Down on 8 Great Locations for Military Retirement!

Have any "must reads" to recommend? Let me know and I'll add them to my next list, which I promise to post more regularly!