Change Is Coming

Change Is Coming Jen McDonald

When I first began this blog many years ago on another site, it was geared towards several things that were important in my life at the time, most notably, homeschooling and military spouse life.

Over the years, as our children grew, I added writing on more topics like running, recipes, and hard-won parenting tips or I would simply share my heart and what was going on in our family, which let's admit was a bit cray-cray at times, since we had four children in seven years.

I worked as the managing editor for one of the most popular homeschooling magazines in the country (Home Educating Family Magazine) while also writing for multiple military oriented outlets. As a homeschooler of over 20 years and a military spouse of nearly 30 years, those topics remain near and dear to my heart.


One thing I learned through decades of deployments, moves, and raising kids all over the world while their dad was in and out with the demands of military service was how to adapt to change, and how life has a way of kicking my hiney right out of my comfort zone.

I'm now a grandmother ("Gigi" to the smartest, cutest baby), our oldest son is active duty, two of our four grown children are married, my husband retired after 31 years of active service in the Air Force, and we have settled in Texas. Life is a lot different than it was even just a year ago! We're again navigating the unknowns of life after having it defined by the military for so long.

While this site will continue to provide support and encouragement for military spouses, it's time to stretch and grow a little bit...again.

I want to share about what else is important in my life, other things I'm battling through, like reinventing yourself as your children grow up and leave, whether it 'fits' the niche I've carved out in the interwebs space or not. I suspect this change won't be noticeable to folks who arrive here via a popular Pinterest pin (Hiya! Thanks for stopping by) or maybe anyone but me, perhaps, but I wanted to share what's happening. 

But as a writer, not just a blogger (and there is a difference), there are little deaths that occur in my writing soul every time I try to gauge whether I should post something due to its potential for good SEO that will bring visitors back to my site, if the topic can fit into a handy 'how-to list' that is infinitely shareable, or whether the title will fit onto a cute social media image or be a draw for a future sponsor. Simply put, I'm tired of curating what I write for my own site. (Yes, I'm aware this is a first-world problem. I'm just explaining where I am in my writing journey.)

At its heart, this site is my author site. Mine. I don't have a team, or an editor, or a VA, or any help with images or anything else. It's all me (you may be thinking, um yeah, that is obvious...). Not that there's anything wrong with any of those things, but it's not where I am. Which may explain the weeks and months long absences at times! It also means I hope to not only provide you some good info, but also let you get to know a bit more about me, especially if you arrived here after reading something else I've written. I don't want every post to be curated or spiffy cleaned up for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes I just need to write and get it out in hopes that what I'm saying will help or encourage just one other person. 

So let's start there, shall we?

I'm Jen.

My husband retired after 31 years in the Air Force last year and we're still figuring out what post military life looks like. I'm not sure what the coming year will look like, much less the next 5 or 10 (please don't ask me about my long term goals). I am sarcastic, sometimes too pessimistic, but try to find the good in people and situations. I drink too much coffee. I love a good glass of wine while I cook dinner with my 80's music blasting. I'm a fairly new runner, started when I was 45, and have completed a 10k and half marathon. I'm not fast, but I try and I can hang in there. I hope that my next year 50-year-old self can complete a marathon. My new mantra is "look for the light in the everyday." I'm an extrovert who also craves alone time. I love (most) people. I try darned hard to be a good wife, good mom, and good friend, but am usually bad at at least one of those things, because let's face it, it's hard to be good at all relationships all the time. And finally, I love being a Gigi. I'd love to share more about that!

I keep little lists of favorite quotes that inspire me, and here's one of my favorites:  

"We look for visions of heaven, and we never dream that all the time God is in the common-place things and people around us." ~ Oswald Chambers

If you're still reading at this point, thank you. Please say hello and share one of your own favorite quotes or whatever thoughts you'd like. I'd love to hear from you!


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash