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Foodie Friday: Blueberry Cobbler

I think our favorite foods usually have a happy memory associated with them. With July 4 approaching, I'm recalling some of my own favorite childhood foods that we always had this time of year: grilled hamburgers, homemade ice cream (using the old-fashioned mixer with a hand crank that we all took turns with until we felt like our arms would drop off--but no ice cream ever tasted better), and fruit cobbler.

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yummiest pumpkin bread ever

The cool fall weather here in D.C. lately has inspired a storm of cooking. We're trying some new ideas we see on Pinterest and, of course, making our old stand-bys. I found this delicious pumpkin bread recipe when we were stationed in Ohio about 20 years ago! I was a brand new stay-at-home mom then. And I'm still using the old, yellowed, stained recipe that I copied out of a magazine (not even sure if it exists anymore!) called Amish Country Magazine.

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Monster cookie time

Yummy! These are some of our favorite cookies to make at Christmas time. Not only does this recipe make a huge amount of cookies,it's easy,they freeze well and are also great for giving away. I have memories of making these with my Nana, siblings, and cousins every year while growing up. It's a great recipe to make with kids, as you will need helpers for stirring. 

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