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Tips for Homeschooling Boys (from Experienced Moms!)

If you’re the parent of boys, I don’t have to tell you that raising boys can be a completely different prospect than raising girls! When they’re little, boys tend to be more aggressive, active, and just plain LOUD. I still remember when our two oldest children—who also happen to be boys—were 5 and 7 (they survived, and are now grown men with wives). My parents were visiting, and my mom said, with a note of dismay in her voice, “I just don’t remember you kids being this noisy.”

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So You Want to Fight? Ideas for Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

It was a beautiful fall day in Bavaria, Germany. Our family of six was hiking along the breathtaking Partnach Gorge near Garmisch-Partenkirchen with its sheer cliffs, icy blue water, and gorgeous waterfalls.

An idyllic setting. And my kids were Driving. Me. Bonkers.

Two children, in particular were being a challenge (names withheld to protect the obnoxious), and we’d gotten after them repeatedly.

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Homeschooling Around the World, Military Style!

I often say that if you’re going to homeschool for the long haul, you must learn to relax or you won’t make it. Military life has helped me be more flexible, because I have so little control over what will happen in any given year. It has truly forced me to rely on the Lord’s strength, because I am a person that likes to know ahead of time how things will go. 

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Election Year Homeschool Ideas

Let’s face it, learning about government and politics can sometimes be a yawn-worthy prospect. However, with this year's especially contentious presidential race, it can be tempting to stay out of politics entirely. 

Still, it's important to educate our kids about the process! Learning about elections, our country’s political process, and past presidents can be fun and engaging, regardless of the candidates.

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Learning to Let Go as a Parent

I've heard them called the Blurry Years--those years when you have several young children, say below the age of 5. Those years when you live for nap time and forget to eat. 

In that era when we had four kids aged seven and under, I often found myself on the receiving end of brilliant comments such as, “Enjoy them while they’re little!” and, “They grow up too quickly!”

I remember thinking, Uh-huh, sure. I’d just like to take a shower without someone pounding on the bathroom door! 

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Why Saying Yes to Your Child Is as Important as Saying No

For many parents, no can become a default. Without thought, the answer to any request outside the normal routine is no.

No, you cannot go to your friend’s house, stay up past your bedtime to finish that chapter, or have cake for dinner.

I get it—parents become weary of the constant questions and no is easy, comfortable, and…safe. They worry that “giving in” too often will harm their child or lead to self indulgence. But are you finding yourself in a constant negative state with your children?

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