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What I Wish I Knew About Life When I Graduated High School

I look at your hopeful face, your bright eyes, and I wish I could go back in time and tell you a few things, aside from lose the giant bangs and Val Kilmer won’t age well. You’re currently stressing over your first semester of college, decisions over where to work, and whether to keep dating that cute guy (Spoiler alert. He IS the one!). If I could arrange a meeting between my middle-aged self and my fresh out of high school self, here’s what the present me might say... 

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Foodie Friday: Blueberry Cobbler

I think our favorite foods usually have a happy memory associated with them. With July 4 approaching, I'm recalling some of my own favorite childhood foods that we always had this time of year: grilled hamburgers, homemade ice cream (using the old-fashioned mixer with a hand crank that we all took turns with until we felt like our arms would drop off--but no ice cream ever tasted better), and fruit cobbler.

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