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Goodbye, Again...Military Separations & Deployments

I read recently that having a loved one deployed is akin to dealing with a severe long-term illness or family trauma. It’s an incredible, ongoing stress. While it's impossible in this short space to cover all you can do to care for your family while going through a deployment, here are a few thoughts.

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Thoughts from a "Waiting Warrior"

"They also serve who only stand and wait". ~John Milton

At this point, we've been through several deployments, but this one has been the longest for us (a year). I've noticed that some people seem to not know what to do/what is appropriate but truly do want to help in whatever way they can, so I thought I'd list out a few thoughts if you have a friend or family member whose spouse is deployed. 

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Where the Water Meets the Sand [Book Review]

I was privileged to receive an advance reader's copy of Where the Water Meets the Sand, a memoir by Tyra Manning. While not specifically a "military spouse" book, I think most military spouses will be able to relate to much of her journey as Tyra faces her worst fear--receiving the news that her young husband had been shot down and killed in Vietnam.

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How to Be a Good Neighbor in Military Housing

Military housing life usually equals fairly close quarters. Lifestyle choices can seem magnified, simply due to proximity. Shared common walls, shared yards—it can end up feeling like you have no privacy!

While there are some folks who won’t ever make good neighbors or friends, no matter how hard you try, there are a few things to make living on a military installation a bit easier.

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