Milspouse Matters Podcast

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Episode 1 - Trailer

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Join Jen McDonald as she shares the stories of military spouses, both past and present. With less than 1% of our country serving on active duty, we're highlighting the stories of military families so you can hear from them firsthand.

We’re going to talk about it all: getting through the separations that go along with training and deployments, moving around the world, seeing the one you love leave for war, raising kids in the military, finding your own place as a military spouse, and strengthening your military marriage.

Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and tune in every week for a new personal journey!


Episode 2 - Moving Overseas and Back Again


This week Jen's chatting with Tara Howes, a retired Army spouse who's gotten through military life with lots of laughs and facing challenges with flexibility. Tara is the mother of four and the cohost of My Military Life Radio.

Tara's advice? "Take the overseas assignments!"


Episode 3 - Finding Joy Again After Loss


Christine Barker Anderson ("Chris") is one of those people who lights up a room with her smile and warmth. She shares with us about her family's military life of over two decades, including moving around the world with her husband and four children and going through several deployments, until her husband Air Force Chaplain Lonnie Barker's unexpected death while still on active duty. Candid and humorous, Chris always points us to faith and family as the answer to get us through the hard times of sorrow and loss, while providing hope and encouragement to those going through their own dark times.