Episode 17 - Courtney Woodruff: When Military Life Scares You

Have the realities of life as a military spouse ever...scared you? Whether it's starting over in a different country or simply the overwhelm at all the details and the strange little world that is military life, you're not alone. 

On this episode, Courtney Woodruff joins Jen for an honest talk about how she learned to give up control over her life to God, working through marriage difficulties, living overseas, and coming to terms--and peace--as a military spouse. 

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Episode 16 - Lindsay Swoboda: Making Peace with Military Life

If you've ever felt the pull of "military spouse denial," as guest Lindsay Swoboda so aptly words it, you'll relate to this episode! Maybe you've been there, too? It's that mindset of refusing to believe that military life will define you, change your life, or otherwise affect you. Lindsay's been there/done that! She talks about how back-to-back overseas moves, deployments, and the birth of her daughter all slowed her down and taught her some important life lessons. 

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Episode 14 - Special Military Family Holiday Episode with the Dear MilFamily Podcast!

So excited to share this special holiday episode with you!

Are you torn between traveling to see your extended family and staying put to create your own holiday memories? Alone over the holidays due to deployment or just moved and don't know a soul? This week, Jen is teaming up with Sheena Arting of the Dear MilFamily Podcast on a crossover between their shows. They've been there and they're talking about it! Consider this your virtual hug across the miles from fellow military families. 

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