Episode 6 - Lauren Cecora: Hope for Military Spouses Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Lauren Cecora

Lauren Cecora is a go-getter!

But after giving birth to her first child, her world was rocked by postpartum depression. In this real and honest episode, you’ll hear about Lauren’s journey through PPD while her husband was deployed. Realizing quickly that something was off more than the typical postpartum “baby blues,” Lauren reached out for help, made the necessary changes in her life to get well and healthy, and then through her experience became an advocate for other new moms.

If you’re a new mom, know one, or find yourself in a fog after having a new baby, you’ll want to listen to this episode. Lauren is here to remind you that you’re not alone, gives you practical tips for finding your way through, and most of all extends hope that you CAN make it through your darkest days.

Also in this episode—find out what’s so special about Beale AFB, get her tips for any new mom trying to make sense of life after giving birth, and what she considers her worst job ever!

Mentioned in this episode:

Lauren’s book: Past-Partum: From Shattered to Sane

Rachel Hollis

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