Episode 14 - Special Military Family Holiday Episode with the Dear MilFamily Podcast!

So excited to share this special holiday episode with you!

Are you torn between traveling to see your extended family and staying put to create your own holiday memories? Alone over the holidays due to deployment or just moved and don't know a soul? This week, Jen is teaming up with Sheena Arting of the Dear MilFamily Podcast on a crossover between their shows. They've been there and they're talking about it! Consider this your virtual hug across the miles from fellow military families. 

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Episode 13- Angie Drake: Tips for Overseas Living...and There's Life After the Military!

Travel and overseas life as a military family? We're talking about it in this episode! Angie Drake shares about her family's unique moves to South America (twice!), and how she's taken those experiences to start her own sustainable travel consulting business, Not Your Average American, since her husband's recent military retirement. As she says, "itchy feet need places to travel!"

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Episode 9 - Meet Jen McDonald: The Story Behind Milspouse Matters

In this episode, we're turning the tables and Jen is being interviewed! Find out more about Jen's story as a military spouse of three decades, which led to her writing a book for other spouses and starting the Milspouse Matters podcast. Lana Simmons, cohost of the Reinventing Midlife podcast, puts Jen on the hot seat. 

We'll talk about feeling like a fish out of water as a new military spouse, adapting to the quirks of military culture, all the moves, living overseas, raising military kids, deployments, her family's homeschooling journey, and the second career she’s found.

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Episode 7 - Meg Flanagan: Advocating for Military Kids' Education

This week, Jen's talking to Meg Flanagan of MilKidsEd, who shares with us her passion for education, especially as it relates to military kids. Meg also discusses the learning gaps that are common with kids that move often and practical ways to connect with your child's teachers. Learn more about her book, Talk to the Teacher, and how it can help any parent with ideas to set up their child for success in school.  

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Episode 6 - Lauren Cecora: Hope for Military Spouses Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Lauren Cecora is a go-getter!

But after giving birth to her first child, her world was rocked by postpartum depression. In this real and honest episode, you’ll hear about Lauren’s journey through PPD while her husband was deployed. Realizing quickly that something was off more than the typical postpartum “baby blues,” Lauren reached out for help, made the necessary changes in her life to get well and healthy, and then through her experience became an advocate for other new moms.

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Episode 5 - Dawn M. Smith: Making Your Military House a Home

Dawn M. Smith is an Army spouse of nearly two decades, a freelance writer with a talent for creating real estate and home design content, and a mom living in the D.C. area. She's rebelling against the description of "seasoned spouse," though we still haven't landed on a better term!

Dawn shares her tips for creating a home wherever the Army sends her family (and gives you permission to shop!), as well as provides her hard-won wisdom for spouses navigating military life. 

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Episode 2 - Christine Barker Anderson: Finding Joy After Loss

Christine Barker Anderson ("Chris") is one of those people who lights up a room with her smile and warmth. She shares with us about her family's military life of over two decades, including moving around the world with her husband and four children and going through several deployments, until her husband's unexpected death while still on active duty.  

Candid and humorous, Chris always points us to faith and family as the answer to get us through the hard times of sorrow and loss, while providing hope and encouragement to those going through their own dark times.

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