Episode 1 - Tara Howes: Overseas and Back Again

Tara Howes episode Milspouse Matters

This week Jen's chatting with Tara Howes, a retired Army spouse who's gotten through military life with lots of laughs and facing challenges with flexibility. Tara is the mother of four and the cohost of My Military Life Radio.

Over the years of her husband's Army career, she’s become in her words, a "professional volunteer," supporting military families in numerous capacities, including as a parent trainer for Military Child Education Coalition, an Army Community Service Master Trainer, an Army Family Team Building instructor, and as a volunteer for PWOC, the FRG, and more.

She says she's loving life post-military and currently resides in Arizona with her husband Dino and four kids. 

Tara's advice? "Take the overseas assignments!"

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