Episode 16 - Lindsay Swoboda: Making Peace with Military Life


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If you've ever felt the pull of "military spouse denial," as guest Lindsay Swoboda so aptly words it, you'll relate to this episode! Maybe you've been there, too? It's that mindset of refusing to believe that military life will define you, change your life, or otherwise affect you. Lindsay's been there/done that! She talks about how back-to-back overseas moves, deployments, and the birth of her daughter all slowed her down and taught her some important life lessons. 

Currently stationed in South America with her Marine Corps husband, Lindsay shares about her now slower pace of life and how she's come to embrace what military life brings, instead of fighting it. Hear about her family's time living in Morocco and how she learned to navigate an entirely foreign world. Then, be sure to download her overseas guide for military families!

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