Episode 25 - Milspouse Matters Listener Q & A

Jen McDonald Listener Q and A

We're celebrating episode 25--woohoo!

Jen's answering listener questions about all different topics--life after the military, dealing with a spouse's PTSD, infertility as a military spouse, homeschooling as a military family, and even what hair products she uses and how she likes the "Gigi life." 


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On this episode:

Shoutout to listeners around the world, including Korea, Guam, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, South Africa, Philippines, and Germany!

Feedback from Nina and Kaylynne (thanks, ladies!)

Listener Questions:

What scared you most about your husband’s military retirement?

What do you miss most about military life?

How do I keep my spouse involved in decisions when he’s gone?

Questions about homeschooling:

  • How to keep going with homeschooling when kids want to play all day.

  • Did you stick to one curriculum?

  • What challenges did you have, homeschooling in the military?

Homeschooling resources mentioned:

Jen’s homeschooling articles on her blog

On Well Planned Gal (formerly Home Educating Family)

Where can I find support as the spouse of a former special ops guy who’s struggling with PTSD?

PTSD resources mentioned:

How come infertility in the military isn’t talked about?

Milspouse infertility resources mentioned:

What’s your best advice for launching college kids when your family is still active duty?

What hair products do you use?

Kenra Thermal Styling Spray and Kenra Volume Hair Spray

How can I support military families if I’m not part of one?

What’s it like to be the mom of a military member?

What’s the best part of retired military life?

Resources mentioned:

Looking Back at My Milspouse Journey

What Surprised Me Most About Life After the Military

The Long Blue Line: Saying Goodbye after 31 Years in the Air Force

How’s the Gigi life?

Becoming Gigi

Thanks for listening!