Episode 27 - The Importance of Military Spouse Friendships

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What do friendships mean to you as a military spouse? Do you find it difficult to connect? What about the relationships between military wives and female service members—can we do better? Let’s talk about it!

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This week, we’re talking about the importance of military friendships! If you don’t know Stacy Taylor, then hang on, because you’ll grow to love her! You may be familiar with this longtime Army spouse and her family from hearing the viral story of how the military spouse community rallied around and helped throw her Marine Corps son’s wedding at Fort Hood after he was displaced by Hurricane Florence in 2018.

Stacy talks about what friendships and faith have meant through her years of being a military spouse. She’s also honest about her transition from being active duty herself to civilian life, and even some of the misconceptions she had about military spouses, and then how she came to embrace the life.

As she says, “Practice a little kindness. We all need it. Don’t go around digging up dirt on people!” And, on the importance of being open to friendship:

Military life for spouses is a lonely life. It really is. Especially if you don't have a true tribe...if I could go back and tell myself something as a new spouse, it would be to bring your walls down a little and let some people in. -Stacy Taylor

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