You Are Not Alone has been an Amazon bestseller in several categories, including Christian Devotionals and Military Families. Thank you, readers!

What others are saying about You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse...

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From Military Spouse Magazine

"You will relate. Have you ever experienced one of those, “He/She is so me!” moments in a book? They draw you in as you find yourself laughing with, crying with and nodding your head alongside the protagonist of the book. After reading the book, I shared the “relatable test” with a friend and she completely agreed!

Even though my friend and I have drastically different military spouse experiences and our spouses serve different branches, we still found ourselves relating to her words, her stories and finding ourselves in some of her more challenging moments and those uplifting, as well."

From Tara Howes, Army spouse and co-host of Military Life Radio

"It is not often that a book can reach the new military spouse as well as ones like myself whose spouses are nearing retirement, but You Are Not Alone has done just that. The author does a fantastic job of drawing you in with very transparent examples of her journey, has you ask yourself how you can grow or change, and closes with relevant Scripture and a thoughtful prayer.

This would have been great as a brand new Army wife, and yet here is EXACTLY what I needed as the looming retirement has me feeling unstable. You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse is exactly that–an amazing encouragement grounded in experience, wisdom, and Scripture. I will be buying this for friends in all seasons of life."

From Courtney at Home 

"It was as though we were sitting down to have coffee together: the confused, scared, bitter 20-something year old me...and Jen, a wise, loving military spouse who’s been there, done that, and walked away from it all with the strength and poise to use her valuable experiences to help others.

In You Are Not Alone, Jen shares 30 days of personal stories paired with practical tips and uplifting pieces of scripture to help you find your calling and purpose in military life; to encourage you to seek out wise friends and a supportive community; to strengthen your marriage through frequent moves and separations, and to raise your children well in the midst of everyday challenges and stresses … by turning you away from yourself and to God.

Whether or not you have faith, if you have ever felt invisible or forgotten in military life, this book is for you. It would also make the perfect gift for a new military spouse or addition to a deployment survival kit. I only wish I’d read it … oh, half a decade ago!"

From Heart & Stripes

"I am telling you, it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned military spouse or a new one, this book is bound to help you get through some (or all) of your daily struggles. Being a military spouse is NEVER easy. Most of the time you feel like no one understands what you are going through but I promise, we have ALL been there or will be there.

Being a seasoned military spouse doesn’t mean this life is easy to live because I have been around MANY seasoned spouses who struggle just as much as a brand new one. This book is for any and every military spouse, so go pick it up today!"

From Tyra Manning, author of Where the Water Meets the Sand

"Jen’s 30 readings focus the reader on a short story from her family’s life experience, a basic training section that provides concrete suggestions for anyone facing a major change or challenge, a Scripture of reflection, and a challenge to contemplate. I found the structure to be comfortable and friendly, not preachy or prescriptive.

Jen’s message is warm but strong, and does not soft-pedal the trials of deployment, single parenthood, and the loneliness of making the best possible decisions while her spouse is on duty elsewhere."

From Karen Campbell, That Mom

"How I wish I’d had this wonderful book to read when I was a young Army wife! Jen’s words of wisdom would have been just what I needed to endure the long days of TDY and solo parenting! Drawing on her experiences from living around the world, her stories are engaging and her down-to-earth encouragement is like having coffee with a dear friend."

From Anne Campbell at My Learning Table

"Jen truly has a heart for the military spouse, and it shines through in her reflections in her book. As a military brat and later a military wife, I can relate to the feelings of bewilderment and remoteness military life brings. This book is like sitting down with an experienced and caring friend."

From Diana Waring, Air Force brat and Navy mom, author of Beyond SurvivalHistory Revealed, and Experience History through Music

"You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse is the kind of devotional that speaks authentically to the heart, because Jen McDonald writes transparently from her experiences as a military spouse. It gave me a much deeper appreciation for the relationship challenges facing those serving in the military—and those married to them.

There is help in this book for the aches of life, wherever you serve."

From Cindy Burlingame, Marine Corps spouse

"Reading You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse touched me in a way few books do. As I read page after page, I kept thinking, 'Oh my goodness, she is living my life!' or 'Yes!  That is EXACTLY how I felt!'

There is a kinship that military spouses have, and reading this book of encouragement brought that home for me. What sets this book apart from others is the integration of personal stories, stories a vast majority of spouses can relate to, along with the 'basic training,' the Scripture, the 'think about it' sections and ending in prayer. No other book for military spouses comes close to touching my heart like this one did. This is a book you will want to keep next to your heart for many years to come."

From Penny Everett, Navy spouse (retired)

"I found the daily readings so relatable. Jen McDonald was able to take these little situations and experiences in life and make them teachable moments! The 'Basic Training for Spouses' area is wonderful. I found the simple exercises and challenges easy to apply to everyday life to better yourself and your marriage.

The encouragement of these daily readings is priceless. As a 'seasoned' (maybe over seasoned) spouse, it was easy to forget the little things you can do to stay encouraged. Being able to gain encouragement and strength from your experiences is a gift! Thank you for sharing your years of knowledge and experience."